Kevin T. Robertson interviews Joel Osteen about Leadership Strategies!

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The Franchises of leadership

Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. If a leader is ever to become successful then a true leader must figure out a way to franchise all the attributes and qualities they have attained in their career and display the discipline of progressive leadership in every way. A successful leader will [...]

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Focus on organizational management

If a woman is to empower herself one of the first things she should do is to get organized, Organization gives you a point of clarity, mentally, spiritually, financially, and independently. Checking yourself selfishly allows you to focus on the winner in you in a positive way. Ladies I respectfully say to you. Is your [...]

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Focus on leadership and peak performance

To peak your performance with consistency is an art and skill that must be mastered and practiced every day to reach the full capacity of leadership. To get to the top, to reach the pinnacle, to be number one, and to be the very best at what you do takes effort, drive, determination, and a [...]

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Focus on Leadership and Peak Performance

What is a leader? A leader is one who rises to challenges, defeats obstacles, smiles in the face of adversity and eliminates the option of failure. Leaders have a predisposition and possess a critical mold that is vitality influential to inspire the masses. A great leader can motivate individuals or teams and move them to [...]

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