Focus Based Leadership

This is a high-energy, high-content program designed for the 21st century executive, managers and all multi-skilled employees who wants to SUPERCHARGE their peak performance, increase the power of their focus, and unlock the purpose of their human potential. You’ll never approach leadership the same way after experiencing this life changing presentation.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Become a more focused, effective team leader

  • Communicate with confidence, conviction and master personality assessment tools

  • Increase your attractive force and decrease your repellant force to become more persuasive

  • Rid yourself of un-productive habits

  • Organize your personal & professional FOCUS


Organizations, Associations, small, medium and large size companies who want to SUPERCHARGE their productivity and increase employee’s ability to lead effectively.

Also: Conference keynotes/breakouts, Association meetings, Corporate events, Banquets, Incentive Trips, Entertainment events, Stadiums and Venues, Colleges and Universities.

Customization Options: Keynote or Onsite Strategic Work Session

Alternate titles:

  • 5 Keys to next level leadership

  • How to listen from the front and lead from the back

Program Length:

This program can be customized from 60 minutes (keynote/breakout) to half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats.



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