Focus Based Motivation

This high-energy, INSPIRING program is designed for ANYONE who needs a shot in the arm of real life testimonials, reference points and personal stories of TRIUMP about KTR overcoming insurmountable odds. Kevin will talk about how he has overcome personal and business tragedies only to rise again and again increasing the power of his concentration and using the learning lessons as stepping stones of FOCUS.

After this program, you will be able to:

  • Manage your energy so you can inspire others to achieve

  • Master 5 Key to accomplishing your goals and dreams

  • Stay focused in a world full of distractions

  • Empower your dreams and devour your goals

  • Establish a clear path to successfully meet your vision and mission expectations


Organizations, Associations, small, medium and large size companies who want to access NEW resources, jump-start their goals with a renewed spirit of FOCUS and ignite their careers.

Also: Conference keynotes/breakouts, Association meetings, Corporate events, Banquets, Incentive Trips, Entertainment events, Stadiums and Venues, Colleges and Universities.

Customization Options: Keynote or Onsite Strategic Work Session

Alternate titles:

  • 5 Keys to next level leadership

  • How to listen from the front and lead from the back

Program Length:

This program can be customized from 60 minutes (keynote/breakout) to half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats.



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